Initial consultation and examination 


When you choose Back in Motion chiropractic clinic, you can be confident that our team of chiropractors will listen carefully to your concerns and offer the best treatment option for you. 


On your first appointment, a full chiropractic assessment will take place. This includes a discussion of your health, an examination, a report of findings and treatment (if appropriate).


Your health history:
You will be asked not just about the pain or complaint that may have brought you to the clinic, but also about your past health history. To ensure that chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition we will need to establish an overall health picture. Please bring any medical prescriptions with you, as well as any previous x-rays or MRIs relevant to your complaint. Your details are confidential. No one else will be allowed to see your notes without your permission. If chiropractic appears to be unsuitable for you, you will be referred to your GP or to a relevant specialist.


We will then carry out a tailored orthopaedic, neurological and physical examination. The examination will concentrate on your neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles and joints), but it may also be necessary to check other things such as your blood pressure, as well as heart, lungs and abdomen to rule out other causes.

​​We will then study the findings carefully, so that we can discuss the results and make recommendations for care.

Your initial consultation will typically last 45 minutes.

Recommendations for care


After studying your findings and correlating them with your health history, we will explain:

- What we have found
- What we can do to help
- How many sessions you will need
- How much it will cost

Once you know exactly what to expect, you can chose to begin care right away. 

Regular visits - tailored chiropractic care


Regular visits for chiropractic care, involve a variety of techniques to suit your needs. Chiropractic treatment mainly involves safe, often gentle, specific spinal manipulation to free joints in the spine or other areas in the body that are not moving effectively. Along with spinal manipulation, a variety of joint mobilisations and massage techniques are used in combination to encourage a more rapid recovery. In addition we will offer advice regarding posture, home exercises, dietary considerations, sleep and stress management and stretching/strengthening tailored to your specific diagnosis. We find that clients who take on board these additional factors tend to have better outcomes. 

We recognise that your time is valuable, and having built up a detailed clinical picture specific to you and your needs, regular visits typically last 20 minutes.


Relief and restoring function


People visit us for a number of reasons. Chiropractic care can help with the relief of mechanical neck and low back pain, certain types of headache (cervicogenic), sciatica, hip, knee or shoulder pain and much more. Pain is a symptom, a way of your body communicating with you that something may not be working correctly. Functional problems, such as those related to poor posture or faulty movement patterns, often develop for a long time before symptoms such as pain begin to appear. 

Restoration of normal function and healthy movement is essential, to enable you to get back to being at your best - symptom relief is only the first step in providing you with truly comprehensive chiropractic care.


Regular chiropractic care is a great addition to a complete and healthy lifestyle. Maintaining your health and well-being is a life long project. Our goal is to work in partnership with you, to help you meet your personal health and fitness goals, whilst coaching you on movement and good posture.