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Testimonials & Reviews - We like to think that we're doing a good job, but it's nice to hear it from our wonderful patients.

"I have been going to Back In Motion for many years and am surprised at how many common ailments can be soothed or alleviated through chiropractic treatment. I have recommended Back In Motion to many people of various ages, lifestyles and with many different conditions. Back In Motion are experts in their field. They have a caring, sympathetic attitude and are honest and approachable. Over the years they have become friends, and attending the clinic is more like a family get-together. Many thanks for your years of support for my family."

S Hiller

"A couple of months ago I had back pain which I wouldn't have wished on anyone. The pain was excruciating and I could only walk, in great discomfort, with a walking stick. I made an appointment with Back in Motion and had a consultation. I am truly glad that I did as I am now walking without a stick or discomfort and in a short while will be back to normal. Many thanks to all at Back in Motion who have certainly helped me at the time when I really needed help."

V McLeod

"After many years of back problems I discovered Back in Motion.  The first step was an in depth diagnosis complete with x rays. They get to the root of the problem. The treatment is given in an extremely caring and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to my treatment I have had 2 years virtually pain free and I have been able to carry on as an overactive "Recycled Teenager" Don't suffer.  They will sort it."

D Towriess

"It was acute pain in my neck and shoulder back in the 90’s that made me listen to a friends recommendation to visit the chiropractor and a short course of treatment took away the pain. During the treatment I found a standard of care and concern for my well being that was beyond my expectations and that I am still receiving 15 years later. I am now in my 60s and more active than I was in my 40s think that a lot of this is due the treatment I have had at the clinic. I make regular visits to keep my body tuned and they know it so well that if I have any problems they can straight to the root of the problem and they will always go out of their way to treat me as soon as possible. An exemplar of their care was when I had a motorcycle accident in 2007, the NHS dealt with the fractures, but it was the team in the clinic that helped me make a rapid recovery from all the strains and damage with massage and sports therapy as well as chiropractic treatment, and in 2009 complete a 60 mile bicycle ride for charity, the best I’ve ever done. Overcoming my fear about making the first visit was one of the best things I have done."

S Mellor

"I have been attending Back in Motion for the past 2 years. My athletics coach recommended that I visit Alan Watmough after receiving a running injury. He assessed me very thoroughly and referred me on to an orthotics specialist, as he highlighted a problem with me feet that could be causing me knee pain. I have had many different injuries from my shoulder to my back and my legs, Alan has always worked with me in a friendly and professional manner. I have, and would recommend him to anybody who has a sporting injury. A word of warning though, if he asks how painful the stretch is from 1 to 10 he does not stop till it’s a 12!"

J Crawshaw

(age 15, at time of writing)

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