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Because life shouldn't hurt

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Chiropractic care in Buckshaw Village, Chorley

Welcome to Back In Motion. Our clinic in Buckshaw Village, Chorley offers a range of treatments including chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, sports therapy and a digital x-ray suite, to help you get back on your feet again. Get in touch to arrange an appointment.


Back in Motion Chiropractic clinic in Buckshaw Village, Chorley

At Back in Motion, we specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of conditions that are due to problems with the joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves, especially related to the spine.


Treatment mainly involves safe, often gentle, specific spinal manipulation to free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly. Along with spinal manipulation, a variety of joint mobilisations and massage techniques are used in combination to encourage a more rapid recovery. In addition we will offer advice regarding posture, home exercises, dietary considerations, sleep and stress management and stretching/strengthening tailored to your specific diagnosis. 


Although we're best known for treating back and neck pain (which we do very well), patients also consult us with all manner of joint aches and pains, from wear and tear to minor sports injuries.


If it hurts when you move, we can probably help. 

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Opening Hours
Mon - Fri - 7:30am to 7pm
Saturday - 8am to 1pm
Sunday - Closed
Why Chiropractic?
If you are suffering from:
  • ​Back or Neck pain (Mechanical)
  • Headache arising from the neck (cervicogenic)
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle spasms
  • Sprains and strains from minor sports injuries, or
  • Pain during day-to-day tasks...
Then we're ready to help you.
Book an appointment

Evening and Saturday appointments available.


Call us today on

01772 431777

"Just had my first appointment today! Absolutely lovely people! I decided to change chiropractor, after a recommendation from a friend. So glad I did! I've come away feeling so much better! Highly recommended! Thanks guys!"

K Woodcock

Back in Motion Chiropractic Clinic is located in the heart of Buckshaw Village, Chorley. We're ideally located to serve the local areas of Buckshaw Village, Chorley, Leyland, Euxton, Adlington.

Your Trusted Chiropractic Clinic in Buckshaw Village, Chorley Welcome to Back in Motion, where evidence-based chiropractic care meets individualised treatment plans to address your musculoskeletal concerns. Nestled in the heart of Buckshaw Village, Chorley, our clinic is dedicated to providing effective treatment for a range of conditions affecting the spine and joints. Why Choose Back in Motion? Clinical Expertise: Our team of highly qualified chiropractors, led by Kamar, Joe, Ammani and Nick, employ a methodical approach to identify and treat the causes of your discomfort. With a focus on spinal manipulation, joint mobilisation, and soft tissue techniques, we aim to restore your mobility and alleviate pain. Comprehensive Care: Beyond chiropractic adjustments, we offer sports massage and sports therapy to address various musculoskeletal issues. Our digital x-ray suite aids in accurate diagnosis, ensuring a tailored treatment plan for your speedy recovery. If you're in search of rejuvenating Sports Massage in Chorley, our skilled therapists are ready to assist. Community-Focused: Serving Chorley, Buckshaw Village, Leyland, and the surrounding areas, we are committed to enhancing the well-being of our local community. Our clinic is easily accessible, and we offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Evidence-Based Approach: Our treatment protocols are grounded in the latest research, ensuring safe and effective care for conditions like back and neck pain, sciatica, muscle spasms, and minor sports injuries. Embark on a journey towards better health with Back in Motion. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through a personalised treatment plan aimed at restoring your optimal function and improving your quality of life. Reach out to us at 01772 431777 or to schedule your appointment. Serving Chorley, Buckshaw Village, Leyland, and Beyond

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